Begin with Your Baseline Assess-and-Educate Process
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The Self-Directed Path for tailored sleep optimization begins with a preliminary set of questions that are designed to position you on a customized track for prioritized sleep optimization education. Your pathway will either alter its course according to prioritized criteria or dynamically present additional questions based on your answers. Select the Self-Directed Path.
As you complete the intelligent questionnaires you will automatically be presented with pertinent information along the way. After the initial round of reporting during the assessment session, you will gain access to a much broader library of in-depth information and specific follow-up resources, along with a set of Baseline Grades to improve after follow-up.

The Nourish Sleep Process

We utilize a thorough Assess-and-Educate strategy that presents new questions based on your previous responses. Our system queries for a set of well-established sleep-disorder indicators in a gender-specific manner, along with sleep-related beliefs & behaviors that are associated with adverse outcomes. Our job is to educate you how to prioritize a sleep optimization initiative. We elicit your potential weaknesses and point to responsible follow-up resources by granting you access to a whole 'Sleep School Library'. Should you choose, the Nourish Sleep sleep optimization component is designed to be fully integrated with the more comprehensive Tri-Nourish System Wellness Model by melding diet, exercise & sleep education together seamlessly.

Baseline Sleep-Quality Assessment Session

The Sleep Baseline Assessment Session is comprised of two Sleep Disorder questionnaires and a Sleep Belief & Behaviors assessment questionnaire. A Learning Resources code is granted.


Comprehensive Education Not Just Screening

Our methodology instructs more than schematic sleep hygiene tips and common disorder screening— we educate about critical beliefs & behaviors and important circadian rhythm timing issues.


Prioritized & Tailored Follow-Up Resources

We provide a comprehensive and prioritized sleep education pathway based on your answers. You decide the degree of learning that you want to pursue. We make it relevant and provide resources.


Common Tips & Screening Bullets Not Enough

If sleep disorders are suspected, we show you how to engage a responsible clinical pathway. If sleep quality is suboptimal, we teach you how to optimize your circadian rhythm and sleep architecture.

Why Optimize Sleep?

In recent years, sleep has been shown to be at the very center of metabolic and mental wellbeing. Productivity and performance initiatives increasingly harness the individual dynamics of circadian rhythm science and the consistent sleep-dependent processes that happen during specific stages of sleep. This translates into alterness and performance peaks that can be anticipated and optimized following an appropriate anchoring of your circadian rhythm to your performance and productivity schedule. Conversely, dips and troughs in your circadian rhythm translate into increased safety risks and poor decision-making from inattention and micro-sleep episodes. Moreover, chronic poor sleep quality and poor sleep timing alone (in the absence of a sleep disorder) have been demonstrated to physiologically drive other common disorders, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, and some etiologies of cancer and dementia. In short, we provide you a journey into the crucial realm of sleep based on your assessment. You decide how far you want to proceed on your journey to sleep optimization. We support a comprehensive journey.

Context Matters.

Scope of Services

Although Nourish Sleep is a non-clinical entity, we do not operate outside of a responsible care pathway. Nourish Sleep screening does not constitute confirmation of a sleep disorder or lack thereof. Only a face-to-face clinical evaluation with a clinician or board certified sleep specialist can affirm the necessity for further diagnostics or treatment. Our role is to educate you and provide you a rigorous, but highly tailored and comprehensive understanding of your specific sleep quality. Although we work collaboratively with a diverse array of clinical and educational resources to fulfill that mission, Tri-Nourish Inc and Nourish Sleep constitute non-clinical entities offering non-clinical services. Our goal is to assist your sleep quality in a pre-pathological (preventative) approach that takes into consideration domains that impact health and wellbeing before they transition into common sleep, mental or physiological disorders. Poor sleep quality radically impacts productivity, performance, health, emotional resilience, and safety well before the sleep disorder threshold has been breached.