About our Sleep Optimization Process

We utilize a thorough Assess-and-Educate strategy that presents new questions based on your previous responses. Our system queries for a set of well-established sleep-disorder indicators along with common sleep-related beliefs & behaviors that are associated with adverse outcomes.

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Sleep Disorder Screening

The sleep-disorder screening portions of our education system are not designed to compete with or replace clinically validated screeners that are widely utilized, but rather, to provide additional context and interest in sleep optimization through the process of screening. For example, nearly all of the obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) screening questionnaires available to the public are informed by the same set of clinical data that associate specific question sets with the probability of OSA. We utilize that same evidence-based set of associations but in an effort to convey the true urgency of the impact of OSA and other sleep disorders, we use our assessment gateway to present diverse gender-specific, age-specific, and condition-specific questions and responses to augment the screening process with information provided to the participant as indicators arise. Moreover, we provide immediate access to widely used clinical screeners, along with links to AASM's sleep center locator.

Despite our overall project of contextualization, we consistently advocate confirming all disorder indicators through a credentialed clinician. In addition, we make common OSA screeners available in our education & optimization resource center. A similar process is structured for other sleep-disorder risk factors apart from OSA. Our core strength is that we go beyond sleep screening, we custom tailor education about adverse beliefs, behaviors and patterns associated with sleep, and we integrate that education seamlessly into a broader lifestyle management system that provides education about sleep, activity and diet as a single triad.

The Tri-Nourish System

What is The Tri-Nourish System? The Tri-Nourish System is a methodological program that starts with the Nourish Sleep Assess-and-Educate component to begin a similar process to integrate assessment-and-education about the three lifestyle components of nutrition, exercise and sleep. Why? Because sleep-dependent processes consolidate the gains of fitness training on the positive side, but poor sleep shifts the fuel-use priorities of the body on the negative side. In short, sleep impacts nutrition and exercise in more ways than exercise and nutrition impact sleep. We cover all of these topics and how they seamlessly integrate. The main point is that nutrition, activity and sleep are not three independent lifestyle choices to select from, they constitute a single foundation upon which life either thrives or remains only partially nourished due to a compromised footing. To proceed with the Tri-Nourish assessments, visit Tri-Nourish.

Integrated D & E Assessment

The Tri-Nourish Diet & Exercise Characterization

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