This platform provides extensive sleep optimization resources for members. The TriNourish Learning platform available from the puzzle icon below provides additional nutrition and fitness integration resources. Non-Members may purchase Unlimited Access to the both the Nourish Sleep & TriNourish Learning member platforms by selecting the Individual User option after receiving an Instant Price Quote on the main TriNourish website. For FREE OSA Screening, with additional OSA learning resources, select the blue button below.

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Why Not Just Use Your Sleep App?

Studies have shown that trackers and apps are not reliable when the information is not contextualized. Without a proper background, they simply amplify our existing biases. The whole point of the TriNourish Nourish Sleep project is to address the reflexive misconceptions about sleep that we carry. It is those seemingly self-evident notions that radically impede our health & performance. With that context, trackers and apps become more valuable. See Smart Devices.

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You may shuttle back and forth between the sister platforms, but remember that your navigation will be different on each site, so the Learning resources will be appropriate to each site. All sleep related assessments and resources remain on this Nourish Sleep member platform ( Nutrition and exercise content is on the TriNourish Learning platform (

The Re Introduction of Sleep

Context Matters.