This is the Nourish Sleep
Members Platform

The Nourish Sleep Self-Directed Learning Platform is a comprehensive sleep education and optimization platform for members of participating facilities, programs, or institutions. Begin the process by simply entering your benefits password into the Assess-and-Educate pathway. That's it. You'll be directed through three informative assessment sessions that will tailor questions specifically to you. Once complete, you'll receive an Access Code to comprehensive resources for follow-up and learning.
The Nourish Sleep platform is the first component of The TriNourish System integrated model. The TriNourish System integrates sleep optimization into a diet-and-exercise context to round out the foundational lifestyle triad. Select TriNourish for more information about the integrated platform.

In general, the subject of sleep succumbs to the danger of rapid dismissal not merely because we tend to devalue sleep as a culture. There is also a much more obvious reason to dismiss the subject as trivial. We all believe that we KNOW through the direct experience of sleepiness, whether we have a problem or not. However, sleepiness alone turns out to be a radically inadequate indicator of the actual quality of our sleep. It provides no feedback about the widespread impacts on our health and wellbeing that directly arise from poor sleep quality. It provides no clues about the onset of pathological mechanisms that penetrate critical areas of basic metabolic, mental, immune and cardiovascular processes.


FAQ: — Who is the target market for the Nourish Sleep platform?

The two principle end-user's are those that seek to identify and resolve problematic sleep issues in their lives and those that seek to optimize sleep because of its power to penetrate into so many other aspects of our health and wellbeing. The entities that host Nourish Sleep as a member resource include businesses seeking to screen, educate & optimize the sleep quality of their employees and fitness facilities seeking to strengthen their member services and provide a bridge to important areas outside of their expertise that have widespread impact upon the basic services that they offer.

Fatigue risk management requires a systematic procedure to address common sleep disorders and poor sleep quality, particularly for the transportation industry, emergency responders, and the nation's shift workers. End-users remain anonymous. The circadian rhythm dips for night shift and rotating shift workers are predictable, and they align with a higher preponderance of accidents. The inverse of these circadian rhythm dip includes the peaks that arise for optimal performance and productivity. These peaks are of interest to individuals seeking to feel and perform better.

Today's fitness facilities are not simply old-fashioned gyms, they are akin to indoor villages offering a diverse array of traditional and boutique fitness solutions. Forward thinking facilities use their credentialed staff to bridge the gap between a preventative, healthy lifestyle and collaboration with clinical specialists to encourage the responsible introduction of exercise and tailored nutrition counseling to a much more diverse array of members than previous eras. In short, sleep is increasingly understood to be a far more crucial determinant of performance, productivity and health than was previously thought..

FAQ: — Why wouldn't members just use their trackers and widely available apps?

They should. But studies have shown that trackers and apps are not reliable when the information is not contextualized. Without a proper background, these tools simply amplify our existing biases. The whole point of the Nourish Sleep and TriNourish project is to address the reflexive misconceptions about sleep that we carry. It is those seemingly self-evident notions that radically impede our health & performance. Once contextualized, trackers and apps become more valuable.

FAQ: — Is this a clinical platform?

No, we collaborate with clinical experts, but this is not a clinical platform for two reasons. Firstly, we intentionally position contemporary sleep expertise outside of the clinical sleep sector to expand the reach of responsible, evidence-based strategies beyond the necessarily disciplined confines of sleep disorder identification. We do not treat sleep disorders. We seek to identify and educate you about them and place you on a path of responsible care. However, critical areas for performance, productivity and risk, including circadian rhythm patterns, and maladaptive beliefs & behaviors about sleep, impact our basic health and performance well before the criteria of clinical disorders have been met. It is, therefore, important to confront these issues prior to the disordered state if we hope to begin to address the widespread impacts to our basic health, performance and productivity that these patterns continue to impart to our culture. Secondly, we understand that a custom tailored education system must be anonymous to encourage broader self-directed participation in today's digital environment.

FAQ: — Are the platforms secure?

The main infrastructure of our core assessment components are hosted by Amazon Web Services with server back-up distributed across multiple sites. They are compliant with security and privacy standards, including Privacy Shield, and are fault-tolerant due to redundancy. Data that is entered into our custom assess-and-educate gateway are encrypted and secured at multiple levels, including transmission and submission. Merchant submissions comply with the Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards (PCI DSS 3.2) and can therefore process credit card information securely. Most importantly, we do not acquire identifying information about our users during the assessment process..

Context Matters.