This is the Nourish Sleep
Members Platform

The Nourish Sleep Self-Directed Learning Platform is a comprehensive sleep education and optimization platform for members of participating facilities, programs, or institutions. Begin the process by simply entering your benefits password into the Assess-and-Educate pathway. That's it. You'll be directed through three informative assessment sessions that will tailor questions specifically to you. Once complete, you'll receive an Access Code to Sleep School, under the Learning link. Sleep School provides paths with information and solution-sets for the tailored issues that we highlight in the assessment process. The Nourish Sleep platform is the first component of The Tri-Nourish System Wellness Model. The Tri-Nourish System integrates sleep optimization into a diet-and-exercise context to round out the foundational lifestyle triad. Because sleep is the cornerstone of health and performance, an authentic wellness initiative or performance enhancement strategy (and fatigue risk management system) should address the three lifestyle components as a single integrated triad. Following your informative sleep assessment session, you may choose to investigate or address your specific sleep issues further through Sleep School, or simply move on to the informative Tri-Nourish diet and exercise component of the process, under the Tri-Nourish link. Begin with the Nourish Sleep program below. (Member benefit code required).

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