Scope of Services

Although Nourish Sleep is a non-clinical entity, we do not operate outside of a responsible care pathway. Nourish Sleep screening does not constitute confirmation of a sleep disorder or lack thereof. Only a face-to-face clinical evaluation with a clinician or board certified sleep specialist can affirm the necessity for further diagnostics or treatment. Our role is to educate you and provide you a rigorous, but highly tailored and comprehensive understanding of your specific sleep quality. Although we work collaboratively with a diverse array of clinical and educational resources to fulfill that mission, Tri-Nourish Inc and Nourish Sleep constitute non-clinical entities offering non-clinical services. Our goal is to assist your sleep quality in a pre-pathological (preventative) approach that takes into consideration domains that impact health and wellbeing before they transition into common sleep, mental or physiological disorders. Poor sleep quality radically impacts productivity, performance, health, emotional resilience, and safety, well before the sleep disorder threshold has been breached. The Nourish Sleep component addresses sleep quality, which is the cornerstone of health and wellbeing. Nourish Sleep is, therefore, the keystone of The Tri-Nourish System Wellness Model, which integrates actionable strategies and education to effect positive dietary, activity and sleep quality changes. Sleep quality, nutrition and fitness are not merely aggregated in The Tri-Nourish System model, they are integrated. An authentic wellness program. lifestyle education initiative, risk mitigation strategy, or performance enhancement structure should build off this foundational triad.

Nourish Sleep is a subsidiary of Tri-Nourish Inc.

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