Terms of Agreement

All assessments remain anonymous. No identifying information is recorded, transmitted, or queried in the assessment process unless one-on-one guidance is previously agreed to. Before engaging the assessments, all parties will agree to the terms stated below:

I AGREE that the entire set of questionnaires and queries including those referred to as assessing for diagnostic indicators, risk indicators, or screening for sleep-disorder risks, does not constitute formal medical screening, clinical screening or diagnostic screening. Only a face-to-face clinical evaluation with a clinician or board certified sleep physician can affirm the necessity for further diagnostics or treatment. I agree to the purely educational purpose of this assessment process and that all follow-up behaviors, interpretations or actions that I engage based upon the suggestions, reports, grades, information, education or recommendations provided on this platform, or any other correspondence therefrom, whether evidence-based, contextually oriented, or matters of opinion, fall under the exclusive domain of my own personal responsibility when enacted. I agree that the information that I provide does not constitute patient information, patient records, or patient data subject to the Health Insurance Portability and Accounting Act of 1996 (HIPAA) or any revisions, updates, sections or amendments to the law, including the 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health act (HITECH), because Tri-Nourish Inc., The Tri-Nourish System, Nourish Sleep or any participating facility, business entity, or individual administrator utilizing any Nourish Sleep or Tri-Nourish assessment or education platform, does not constitute a healthcare provider, insurer, or business associate of a healthcare provider, or any other formal clinical healthcare entity as referenced in HIPAA law. Further, IĀ agree that even under conditions whereby a clinical entity utilizes any Nourish Sleep or Tri-Nourish educational platform or derivative therefrom for the purpose of education, the responses queried in this assessment process do not constitute patient information because all responses remain anonymous. I agree and understand that neither the apparent presence of a possible sleep disorder that is reported based on the information that I provide in this assessment or any other Tri-Nourish or Nourish Sleep assessment, questionnaire, website or form, nor the absence of a reported possible sleep disorder reported in this assessment or any other Tri-Nourish or Nourish Sleep assessment, questionnaire, form, or website, constitutes a formal clinical evaluation. I agree not to hold Nourish Sleep, Tri-Nourish Inc., or any other administrator, collaborator or privately labelled subsidiary legally accountable for the content of this platform or any other publication associated with it.

Context Matters.