• Evidence shows that significant performance gains can be made with better sleep quality
  • Your circadian rhythm should be fine-tuned to better align with your desired sleep-wake cycle or weight gain occurs
  • Poor sleep alters the nutrient-use and storage patterns that the body would otherwise deploy with proper nutrition
  • Olympic trainers, professional sports teams and serious athletic institutions now include sleep quality optimization practices
  • The timing of performance peaks and rest-opportunities can be aligned through your circadian rhythm for better performance
  • Even fit, young athletes that undergo short sleep periods develop (reversible) blood sugar and metabolic abnormalities equal to disorders
The Circadian Rhythm and Athletic Performance subsections under Learning discuss educational strategies to assist athletes, trainers and coaches with putting into practice peak timing and sleep quality  principles. The first step is to simply go through the Nourish Sleep assessment process. The TriNourish "Tri-Fold Baseline Assessment" includes the Nourish Sleep comprehensive sleep assessments on this platform and a Diet & Exercise Characterization on the TriNourish Learning platform. Additional nutrient-use optimization resources are available on the TriNourish Learning platform.

TriNourish Learning resources are designed for proactive individuals to self-direct comprehensive learning and for credentialed health and performance experts to have access to additional assessment and education tools.

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